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coils for wind apps

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coils for wind apps

Postby gadgett840 » Sat Mar 05, 2016 5:17 pm

hi everyone, im new and see a large community of vary giving people, nice to see. im trying to design a coil for a vat type gen, I seem to find problems with every coil design I see ?. is this just me or is everyone missing the point of power generation. I see much wasted coil area, wire length and size for area, im no expert but almost every generator diy build seems to brake atleast 2 / 5 princibles of coil and magnet / hydro production. there almost always round or oval shape, magnets cut the flux on one side at a time and only use 35 / 50% of the coils avalible wire when doing so. the coils main body is round forcing the wire away from the magnet surface and cousing a larger area of wire to get to the other half of the coil than the magnetic flux is cutting. there has to a better coil design out there. any ideas would be great. thanks in advance.
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coils for wind apps



Re: coils for wind apps

Postby techman » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:14 am

I am no expert but it seems that most people are also not experts. People just build a generator in hopes that it produces some power. My favorite thing is to take a professionally built DC high voltage motor and put blades on that. I have some on hand that I hope to one day use.

I have long ago built a DC treadmill motor into a generator using a bicycle. You can see the video here:
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