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Batteries And Battery Projects

Learn how to restore bad lead acid batteries. How to maintain and check the condition of batteries. Battery projects. Battery hacks. Bike battery projects. Battery Charging.
list of battery projects

Bike - Pedal & Hand Power Projects

Make a bicycle generator, full plans and photos. Coming soon - more pedal powered projects. Also on the way, a hand crank drill generator.
list of homemade people powered projects and tools

Camper & RV Projects and DIY

Learn how to repair camper and RV roofs. How to waterproof your camper. How to repair severe water damage. Camper and trailer upgrades and improvements.
DIY camper, trailer and RV repair

Hydrogen Booster HHO

How to make a hydrogen booster and backfire supressor for your vehicle and save on gas mileage. Fully detailed plans for a budget H2O Booster.
DIY water gas for cars

LEDs and LED Lighting Projects

How to make 120 volt LED light bulbs. How to make 12 volt LED lamps. LED facts and basics. How to choose the correct LED resistors.
DIY LED lighting and LED facts

Radiant Energy Experiments

Radiant Energy and Radiant H2O

Off Grid Living Projects

How to get off the grid. Solar light and heat experiments. DIY fireplace installation. DIY wood stove boiler heating system.
Projects and experiments in off grid living

Solar Heating Projects

DIY passive solar heating experiments

Solar Power & Solar Panels

DIY solar panels and solar panel requirements calculator

Windmills And Wind Energy

how to wire a windmill and generator

Vehicles And Automotive

DIY car and truck projects

Survival & Prepping

Disaster readiness and survival projects and plans

Heating And Cooking Projects

Homemade passive solar heaters, fireplace heat exchanger plans. How to make a vegetable oil lamp. Off grid cooking. Make a Rocket Stove and more.
list of heating and cooking projects

Wild Foraging And Survival Foods

How to find and identify wild edible foods. Uses for wild edible herbs and plants. Medicinal herbs and natural remedies.
Locating wild survival foods

Electricity And Electronics

Experiments and projects in electricity and electronics. How to identify and how to use electronics components and parts.
Electricity And Electronics

Food And Kitchen

Recipes, kitchen times savers and projects, How To, and other kitchen and food related projects and plans.
Kitchen DIY articles and Recipes

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