Make Your Own Solar Panels

Homemade Solar Panels For $1 Per Watt

Make Your Own Solar Panels

Get your own book with detailed step by step instructions on how to make solar panels from scratch.

This will be a series covering how to make solar panels on a budget. These pages can be used with or without the book. If you have the book, these pages will accompany it and help you on your way to making solar panels. If you do not have the book (get it), you can learn a lot from the information shown here.

The series will be expanding in the following weeks, so bookmark this page and check back often. Articles will be posted below as they are added.

How to apply Solar EVA Encapsulant Film to your solar panels. This article covers the easiest way to protect your solar cells using solar EVA sheeting.

Check back for more articles, coming soon....

Get your own copy of this book now. Available in printable PDF format for immediate download. Or get the printed soft cover book.

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$1 Solar Panels

Make your own solar panels for $1 per watt
Get the book

The Complete DIY Solar Panel Book

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