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The Do It Yourself World is a collection of DIY projects in alternate energy, natural foods and off grid living. We have projects ranging from radiant energy, to DIY lighting and solar panels, to foraging for wild edibles. Our experiments and projects are leading to a fully off grid lifestyle. We are working with DIY hyrdogen boosters for autos, solar panels and homemade windmills. These pages are constantly expanding with new projects and discoveries, so check back often.

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Follow along with me on my path to self sufficiency with daily videos on Youtube. I am currently living in a self restored RV in the middle of the woods and fully off the grid. I am working towards self sufficiency and a fully off grid lifestyle. Nearly daily video updates of my struggles, trials and experiences.
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The Do It Yourself Projects

Check out the Do It Yourself Projects for a category listing of DIY projects and experiments you can try at home. This is a list of free Do It Yourself projects dealing with electronics, off grid living, alternate energies and other DIY experiments.

Survival and Energy Experiments Blog

Follow my Blog for ongoing experiments and discussions in off grid living, survival and emergency preparedness, the off grid camper project, natural energy and heating projects, wild edibles and foraging and more.

How To Make And Install Solar Panels

Learn how to Make Your Own Solar Panels at home for under $1 per watt. Retail solar panels cost anywhere from $5 to $10 per watt. Great savings can be seen through homemade solar panels using affordable materials found locally.

Also, check out the free online Solar Power Requirements Calculator to see what size equipment you need to power your home, RV, camper or workshop. This webpage shows you what size solar panels, you need, how large a battery to buy, what sized power inverter to get and what solar charge controller you will need for your project.

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